Album Review: Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

by Zoe Hanna


Two Door Cinema Club, the electronic infused indie pop band from Ireland, released a new album called Gameshow on October 14th. They’ve always been known for their alternative sound, and this continues into this album while adding a kind of funky twist. I really enjoyed this album; it’s different from their previous albums but still maintains their unique sound. It really reminds me of bands like Passion Pit and the 1975, mainly because of their heavy use of synthesizers and upbeat music that people can relate to. The band released three songs from the album as singles: Bad Decisions, Are We Ready? (Wreck), and Gameshow. Are We Ready? (Wreck) got the most attention, but all three did fairly well in their time as singles because they have the classic Two Door Cinema Club sound (complete with high pitch vocals and some really cool beats). I really enjoy the album, and it’s nice that the band has finally released new music after a four year long semi-hiatus. It’s still the kind of electronic indie that they’re known for with some really nice funk that makes me want to dance (when no one is watching, of course). My favorite songs on the album are Invincible and Bad Decisions, as well as the live version of Gameshow that’s included on the deluxe album. My final rating for the album Gameshow by Two Door Cinema Club would have to be a 4/5, because it was a pretty sweet album, but I’m still bitter about the four year long hiatus.


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