Album Review: NxWorries – Yes Lawd!

by Grant Blume


NxWorries Debut album, released a week early, is a generous, 19 track gift to Hip-Hop and R&B fans. Yes Lawd! plays to the strengths of its collaborators. Anderson .Paak’s versatile vocals and blunt lyrics dance over Knxwledge’s seemingly nostalgic beats.

On many of the tracks, we are offered an eclectic mix of samples that make up soulful and human sounding beats. Horns, drum fills, and “oohs” dwell beneath .Paak’s vocals on “Livvin.” On “Kutless, an organ lingers over an easygoing drum beat. While this sound is a great strength to the album and remains consistent throughout, it can also seem monotonous at some moments. One might hope that there would be more expansion within the 19 tracks on Yes Lawd!. Instead, .Paak and Knxwledge stay true to the same, slick sound throughout the album. This is likely attributed to the fact that there are no features, and that most of the songs do not run more than two minutes long. The absence of features, the length of the songs, and the consistent smooth sound remain some of the strongest aspects of the album regardless of the slight monotony that they create.

Nonetheless, the uniformity of the tracks is easily overlooked, as each 2 minute song sounds almost equally as gorgeous and interesting as the last. .Paak’s lyrics also keep each track surprising and interesting. Lyrics on songs like “H.A.N.” reveal actual issues .Paak deals with, while also incorporating genuinely funny skits and lines. .Paak sweetly croons lewd lyrics over much of the album, making Yes Lawd! even more slick and interesting. Smooth and raw like the artists Knxwledge samples, the beats on Yes Lawd! create short and sweet songs that seem instantly classic, while .Paaks creative vocals and lyrics elevate Yes Lawd! even further.


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