The Case for the Nike Outlet Store

by Jacob McKay


When it comes to buying name brand clothing at ridiculously low prices, the outlet store is the place to go. If you didn’t already know that, then here you go. You probably already knew that, but you don’t brag about it. Why not is my question? Do you feel ashamed of the absurdly low prices your paying? Have you fell victim to the societal trap of wanting to make people think you’re richer than you are? You probably have and that’s simply capitalism shaping your thoughts. I won’t try to dissuade that big of a socioeconomic force, but I will tell you to go to the Nike Store because there’s a good chance your friends won’t. People don’t talk about the Nike Store because they don’t want their friends to go to the Nike Store and buy the exact same shoes.

The Nike Store should be celebrated as a discount wonderland. It feels almost criminal to calmly saunter out of that extremely well air conditioned fortress of athletic technology with a pair of Free Run Whatevers you got for $27.99 off clearance. Or the fact that you can easily scoop the last years Air Max model, say the 2015’s, for a price that is significantly lower than the half of tuition they initially cost. I have been a Nike Store disciple for the past decade. I would literally save dollar bills for a few weeks and then walk out with a new pair of something. That is when shoes defined my entire existence.

Fortunately, they don’t anymore, but the Nike Store is still a hotbed for sneaker finds. Even the more rare exclusives that so called sneaker heads drool over. You don’t have to go online my friend. A little patience, maybe wait a month or two, and if they don’t hit the mainstream market with impact then Nike will probably ship some of them to their outlet stores. Not Foot Locker, Not Finish Line, and definitely not Champs Sports. And once they’re at the Nike Store, in front of the average Outlet Mall shopper, they will still remain relatively untouched. And then they’ll hit the clearance wall. At that point, you have basically committed a robbery. People who don’t understand the value of a rare LeBron color way won’t think twice about it and call it ugly before walking out with a black/white pair of Hyperdunks. It’s almost unfair. They put it on sale because they can’t sell it, not knowing that you have been waiting for that fruit to ripen for bitter, bitter months. It’s the perfect coup. Here’s a list of memorable pickups I made over the last decade for at least 40% off.

  • Melo M8
  • Air Jordan 2010
  • Cortez Flywire
  • Air Max One Black/Blue
  • Jordan 60 Plus Detroit Pistons
  • Flyknit Trainer Gray/Orange
  • Lunar 306 Qs
  • Free Mercurial Superfly

These are some of the memorable ones, but among the others are some that were up to 75% off. And that’s without targeting sale dates. It’s very possible to get that on a random Saturday. So if I see you on a random Saturday, don’t tell anyone. Don’t act like we know each other. Maybe a head nod, nothing more.


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