Yeezy 350 V2 Review

by Lucas Reiman

Kanye West continues to be at the center of the sneaker world with his Yeezy footwear line. He continues to keep sneakerheads and hypebeasts alike on the edge of their seats as to when the next shoe within the line will be dropping. Within the line there are 2 models with boost that are a more lifestyle shoe (350 and 750) and 3 boots that offer a higher end look to them (Duck boot, Crepe boot and military boot). Just recently, one of the lines has had a upgrade to the shoe. Last month on September 24th, Kanye added the updated version of the Yeezy 350, the Yeezy 350 V2.

Before diving deeper into the newest release of the 350, it is best to look back at the previous colorways and releases of the Yeezy 350 V1. The Yeezy 350 was first released on June 27th, 2015, in the now famous “Turtle Dove” colorway. It dropped at select retailers and flagship Adidas stores in major cities around the world. From that moment on, the Yeezy boost 350 became the most sought after sneaker in pop culture today. Since then, there has been 4 more colorway releases (Moonrock, Pirate Black, Oxford Tans, Pirate Black again) but the hype is still high because numbers are always so limited.


Back to talking about the V2, this post serves as a comparison between the V2 and the V1, cost of the shoe and personal opinion. Within the comparison of the shoes, the V2 is very similar to the V1 in terms of technology. Both are made of prime knit uppers and have boost midsoles. That is where most of the similarities end. The V2 features an updated prime knit structure. The new structure is more rigid which gives the shoe structure. This differs from the V1 model where the shoe after a couple uses would begin to sag in on itself, losing its iconic shape. The next difference is the new heel cup. The new heel cup on the V2 is more padded and the arch of the heel pushes the foot slightly forward, giving the shoe a tighter fit. The outsole has also been changed to a more translucent rubber, instead of the previous covers that were a solid color. Another main difference in the updated 350 is the design across the shoe. In the original, the pattern across the prime knit almost looks like small little rips or train tracks up and down the shoe (see first photo). For Kanye’s second installment of the shoe, he completely ditches the old pattern and enters in a new design. On the lateral side of the shoe is a large orange stripe with the words Sply 350 on it and is surrounded by heather grey. The medial side is more interesting with a wavy pattern that flows up and down the shoe in the same heather grey. The change in upper design comes as a slightly surprise after the success of the previous upper but anything Kanye touches turns to gold so it is still going to resell for insane prices.


Now let’s get down to pricing of the shoe. The shoe was sold for $220 retail, but you are not going to find a pair for that cheap anywhere in the world this late after release. Most reselling stores and websites are pricing the shoes around 750-1000 dollars and anything below that is an absolute steal in the resell market. My opinion on the price is I was expecting way steeper prices right away. I expected them to reach turtle dove prices right around $1300 but was shocked to see how low some of them are selling for. I believe in the next 6 months the price will steadily rise as the number of dead stock pairs becomes less and less.

I have mixed feelings about the shoe. I think it is a fantastic update to the original and some of the up and coming colorways look absolutely fantastic (update post to come), but I just am not a huge fan of the wavy medial side of the shoe. In my opinion it makes the shoe way less wearable. With the V1’s you could pretty much where them with anything because the shoe was composed of shades of one color, excluding the turtle doves but it is grey, black and white so it’s not hard to match to outfits. With the V2 you have less options because of the change of pattern on the instep. This takes nothing away from the design because I still am a huge fan. With the next upcoming releases, I will definitely be trying to buy one or two of the next colorways.


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