Concert Stories: J.Cole

“Very few things in this world, that I’ve experienced, make you feel more alive than when you’re standing in the crowd gazing upon an artist you admire. Luckily for me, I experience this feeling quite frequently. I’m an active concert enthusiast and have traveled the Midwest piling up a extensive list of acts I’ve had the pleasure to witness. The list is deep, and varied, but there’s always the shows that stick with you no matter what. That leave an imprint on your bones, maybe cause you broke one. Or give you an overwhelming euphoria that passes through your chest and you don’t know what else to do but shed a tear. We all have them, and if you don’t you’re missing out.

One of those moments came for me at Soundset 2014. Arguably the best one day festival in the Midwest, Soundset never ceases to provide a killer line up consisting of some of the biggest hip hop performers in our culture today. Put on by Rhymesayers, names like Wiz, Nas, Ice Cube, Kendrick, Snoop, and many more have made appearances over the years. In 2014 however, they were able to nab the man who went Platmium without no features, Mr. Jermaine Cole.

J Cole was the headlining act that year, and for the first time, Atmosphere relinquished their spot as closer of the evening, for J Cole. This was epic. Everyone was there to see him, he was still touring for 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and he was the biggest name out. As the day rolled on we were graced with so many amazing acts, including Vince Staples, Freddie Gibbs and Clockwork Indingo to name a few. But as the sun went away, and the drizzle showed it’s face, Jermaine stepped in the spotlight.

I’ll never forget the moment when the beat for Wet Dreamz dropped. I had a tall stuck up blonde bitch in front of me but once I cleared her out the way, I was home free. The rain fell lightly and the wind blew gently, almost as if a higher power placed one of those mist fans on the whole crowd. The lights went up, and before we knew it all 25,000 plus people were yelling, “Lemme take y’all back man…”

Sometimes music is the only atmosphere I feel I can let go. When you feel like your debts and regrets take a backseat, and the only thing you care about is screaming every word to every song for the person you came to see. Because unlike so many people, that artist and their art will always be there for you. Always. No matter what choices you made.”


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