Concert Stories: Mad Decent Block Party

I went to Mad Decent Block Party in Kansas City over Labor day weekend on a whim. I bought the tickets like a week prior with a friend while at West End. We had no lodging plans, only knew a couple of the performers, but we were in too deep already. We drove to Kansas City and met up at a friend’s hotel room. Eventually we had a group of ten or so and we headed to the venue. I had taken a little acid in the hotel room and had a capsule of MDMA taped to my thigh. Unfortunately, it was hot as hell, so the capsule melted, but I managed to salvage a little molly. After taking the molly, I was offered more acid.. and I accepted. We were all in the heart of the pit, enjoying that sweet, sweet bass. I left to get water about an hour and a half in. I pulled out my phone to answer a text, and BAM! The acid from the hotel was in full force. I was separated from my friends in an unfamiliar city, surrounded by unfamiliar people tripping balls. I posted up on the balcony to watch the controlled chaos unfold below. I was mesmerized by the crowd and the DJ’s ability to seemingly control their every action. I saw the raw, animalistic desires of human sexuality, and the beauty of genuine friendship… I also saw that humans are pretty nasty sometimes, especially when alcohol is involved… I spent a few hours contemplating what sets humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, and then the mini-festival was over and I was sitting in the parking lot of the hotel with my best friend, chatting about our varied experiences. she had spent the entire night dancing, i had spent the entire night trying to control my psychosis. A young man floated across the parking lot towards us and joined the conversation. He and I ended up vibing well, so we went for a walk around two in the morning. My friend stayed behind at the hotel. This guy and myself spent eight hours walking around Kansas City, ending up ten miles away from the hotel. We discussed numerology, angels, past lives, and the idea that nothing is coincidental… It may have been the drugs, but I was fully convinced that this kid was an angel sent to give me some divine guidance. Overall, the music was good, I learned a lot about human nature, and I made a very interesting friend. This is the main point: be spontaneous, buy that ticket, go to that show.


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