Concert Stories: Skrillex

“It was my first “real” concert. before then I went and saw some accapella groups with my parents and hell even a few rock concerts. However, being a millennial I always associated concerts with being more than just the music. I was expecting smoke shows, lights, and bass that made every hair on my body stand up. That day finally came when my good HS friend offered me to buy Skrillex tickets the day of the concert. “My friend and his TCU friends are all going, we can hang with them beforehand and it’ll be a blast!” How could I refuse right? It was during the summer on a Thursday night and it was the summer before senior year of HS. I had to go and finally experience the riveting sound of one of pops greatest DJs. We bought the tickets and instantly hung out with my friends junior (in college) friends. It was a great time with food and drinks beforehand and then we went to the concert. The venue was outdoors, not a cloud in the sky, and was looking beautiful. We nudged our way to about thirty feet from the stage and saw the set up. then, all of the sudden, my friends brother gives us two pills each. “You want to roll during Skrillex?” he politely asked? My friend quickly grabbed them and it seemed as if the night was going to get so wild. Halfway through his venue we decided to take them. the bass was shaking so much that my whole body felt like gelatin. As I waited for the molly to hit we were talking to a group of ladies in front of us who were drinking and enjoying themselves. little to my knowledge they were rolling too. Once the conversation during a break in Skrillex’s songs came up, one of the ladies told me her friend wanted to dance with me. I was under the influence at the time and had to say yes. Once Skrillex came back on in his literal “Star Fox Spaceship” thats when the rolling started. The music FELT orgasmic. I was dancing with a lovely women my age and we were having a fantastic time. The music was so lively and her hips were mesmerizing. Eventually I spun her around, because why not while dancing, and she locked eyes with me and pulling in for a kiss. Not even realizing we were in the GA section of a concert I reciprocated and we were listening to a dubstep remix of the circle of life from lion king and making out in the middle of a concert. It was one of the most indescribable feelings of my life and then thirty minutes later a light mist came. The weather knew we were hot and steamy and it slightly misted on the whole outdoor amphitheater. That didn’t stop Skrillex or my dancing with this lady. in fact, after kissing we discusses how the mist felt as if raindrops were kissing our skin, cooling us off during this concert. Once the clock struck 12:30 am, the venue sadly ended and Skrillex thanked us for being terrific fans. I never got that woman’s number but that moment will easily go down as one of the greatest rave concerts I’ve ever been too.”


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