Lil Yachty x Nautica Collection at Urban Outfitters

Written by Willie Stephenson


While many influential faces have been wearing Tommy and telling us about how a little horse on your shirt is going to increase your “horsepower”, nobody besides Lil Yachty reps Nautica. In 1983, Nautica entered the market as another lifestyle and fashion brand to compete with Polo, Hilfiger, and all the rest of the traditionally preppy centered brands. During the 1990s with the increasing popularity of rap music and the culture surrounding it, these brands were adopted by these new artists. With Raekwon wearing a Snow Beach jacket in the “Can It Be So Simple” music video the industry was taken over.


In the past couple years Lil Yachty has become nearly a household name with his mega hits “Wanna Be Us”, “1 Night”, and his feature on “Broccoli” by D.R.A.M. His face and hair are almost synonymous with a nautical theme at this point and that is perfect for his love of Nautica. In the past week he posted a picture of him with Karen Murray, the president of Nautica.

This allure to a possible collaboration came to life today with the announcement of his Nautica collaboration that will be sold at Urban Outfitters. The collection will feature a long sleeve and a short sleeve T-shirt, a pullover hoodie, a track jacket and pants, sweatpants, and a hat. All this will be releasing online and in store on November 15th. The best part of all, is that nothing in the collection is over $100.




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