Poetry Submission: Sharks by Claire Franksen

We all love to float and flip in the water

To wade out and reach every buoy.

We allow our sails to get caught by the wind

Drifting us further from the shore

Into our bliss of weightlessness.

This is fear being lifted off our shoulders.

But there will always be sharks in the ocean

Fins peeking through the surface

Tying our stomachs into knots

Waves rolling backwards

Winds following the oceans lead

A tug of war between the waves and our stern.

The wind might knock us off our feet

Our bodies piercing the ocean

Until all we feel are teeth

Tearing us limb from limb

Our hands no longer holding

The bloody ocean the last reminder

Of a wave that we let ourselves fall under.

They will mock you if you let them

But sharks become minnows if you make them.

Shrink their teeth.

Rip off their fins.

Our ship will glide on the waters

Sails full with the breath of the ocean.


The water will never be clear

Fins will always skim the surface

Teeth will always brush against us

But floating in shark infested waters

Will always be more wondrous

Than standing in the sand.

I’d rather be twirling my head around

Taking in all the blue surrounding

Than left on the shore

With my neck craned back

Forced to gaze at the distant sky

Never able to jump in the water.


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