Write In Jay Electronica for President

Our official endorsement of Jay Electronica for President.


When I heard “My President is Black (Remix)” by Jay-Z featuring Jeezy, I was not only 100% convinced that a rapper could be President, but that maybe a rapper should be President. This rapper could not be bound to the constraints of any normal public figure, free from public opinion and the shackles of the hip-hop industry. A rapper who’s voice was immediately recognizable and authoritative. This rapper couldn’t be addicted to any of the juvenile pursuit’s that end celebrity political forays right away. We came up with one man, and that man is Jay Electronica. If you don’t know who that is, he’s a rapper from New Orleans signed to Jay-Z who has a kid with Erykah Badu and also my favorite verse on Control. He’s also very quiet and rarely releases music, but when he does, the rap world reverberates in shock and awe. If we elect him, there’s a good chance we finally get an album within the next 4 years. It’s already been 5 since “Act II: Patents of Nobility” was promised, and it hasn’t happened yet. Elevating Mr. Electronica to the Nation’s highest office could probably prompt at least a single, and for where this country is at emotionally right now we need that. We need an uncompromising lyricist to stand up to the North Koreans. If somebody tried to hack Jay Electronica’s email, they would be immediately burned to a crisp because of the sheer heat from every syllable. These are the type of bars that have to be viewed from behind special sunglasses. If you haven’t heard Jay Electronica yet, we have you. Also, you should do your research and when Act II comes out we can celebrate no matter who wins.

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