Palace x Adidas Drop Review

by Lucas Reiman

Skateboarding brand Palace and Adidas have come together again to make some new pieces together and two pairs of shoes. The entire collection is 90’s soccer inspired complete with oversized tracksuits, shoes, hat, sweatshirt, socks and classic Adidas soccer jersey designs. The shoes in the collection are the Palace indoors and are classic indoor soccer shoes with some modern touches (boost in the heel).


Another part of the collection that is quite interesting is the broken German and English dialogue throughout the look book. An occasional random German word will be thrown into a very poorly structured sentence. This gives it an almost stereotypical “German trying to speak English” vibe. It is quite unique and satirical. Not a huge fan of this because it could come across as offensive to some but will be taken by most as a joke. Another part of the look book is action shots of people playing indoor soccer in the collection. I enjoyed these photos immensely. It shows the time put into this look book and that it wasn’t just an afterthought. Palace and Adidas put a lot of time and effort into the vibe and feel that they wanted for this release.

palace-skateboards-adidas-originals-fw16-07.jpgMy opinion of the collection is I am pleasantly surprised at how much I do enjoy it. I am not a huge 90’s style fan but I am a huge soccer fan. I have looked back at jerseys of the past and often wished that teams would do throwback jersey games. Still haven’t done that yet but this gives me an opportunity to get a bit of a throwback flair without having to search the depths of the internet looking for a OG jersey from the 90’s. It throws me back to when I would spend hours on the internet watching classic game footage of Zidane, Oliver Kahn and other soccer greats of the 90’s.

Some are going to love this collection, while others will hate it *cough cough Supreme and Nike die-hards*. If you are feeling it, try and pick it up tomorrow online. If you don’t tomorrow, prices will be through the roof once these pieces sell out. Viel Glück meine Freunde!


*to view whole lookbook and collection


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