Concert Stories: Hippo Campus

This concert was big. I mean for me anyways; the concert itself was in Augsburg College’s 400 capacity gymnasium and cover was only $8. But this was a big night for me! It just so happened that I was going to this concert with a girl who I had my eye on for some time and was planning on asking out (along with a few other friends).

As we drove to the venue we smoke a few bowls, as precocious lil’ teenagers do, and went to get food at this nasty Ethiopian restaurant. I didn’t know this until that night, but apparently you eat Ethiopian food with your hands. As you can imagine, it’s pretty hard to flirt with your crush when your high ass is shoveling food in your face like a four-year-old toddler. Strike 1. We pay and leave the restaurant and at the exact moment we get outside and start walking down the sidewalk, this dude hurries past us and bumps into me accidentally. As he walked away I yelled at him to watch where he’s walking next time, thinking, this will show my girl that I’m a badass! I felt like a badass, at least until my friend yells at me: “bro wtf that was the drummer!” Girls love it when you’re a dick to one of their favorite musicians! Strike 2.

We finally get to the venue and walk inside to find a small, sweaty white man wearing cheetah print rapping on stage. My first thought was “oh shit, I think I smoked way too much weed, I’m hallucinating!” But then I looked down at my ticket and realized there was an opening act: a man named Sunreal (like “unreal” but stupider). I apologize to any Sunreal fans reading this but frankly, you should probably just stop listening to music. This is the first act I’ve ever seen actually get booed off stage, only he didn’t realize people were booing. At one point in his set he threw back his head and yelled “Minneapolis loves me!”. Even the drunk couple making out in front of me was like hell nah go home.

Anyways, Sunreal finally gets off stage and Hippo Campus comes out and starts playing a pretty amazing show. These guys have a lot of talent and I would highly recommend seeing them! Apparently my crush was really feeling the music too, or the drugs… because she started dancing with me! In fact, she was actually so inebriated that she started to try to take my clothes off in the middle of the dance floor. Strike three, you’re… in?

The night was a success; an exciting adventure with good friends, dancing to one of my favorite bands, and I got my high school girlfriend out of it! A night I will always be thankful for.



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