Is Anything Worth The Hype?

by Lucas Reiman

In the world of fashion, styles and trends are always changing. Designers and brands always talk of what is the new style or next big trend that will rise quickly. If brands and designers continue to be “ahead” of the game or continue to front run on a new style/trend, they are considered forward thinkers and innovators for the world of fashion. Some say that style and trends become popular because of the forward thinking ideas or the quality of the pieces. I disagree with that to an extent. I believe that a few current day trends became popular because of who wears it or who is designing the piece, not the quality of worth of the piece.

Right off the bat I know I will probably have some people who will write me off and say I’m hating on designers creative thinking or say that I am not giving credit to their hard work. That is not the case. I respect designers, creators, thinkers and innovators immensely, I just feel a few trends evolve from who is wearing/designing the piece rather than the actual design of the piece.

Now is the time where I will back up my opinion with some facts. The first example I am giving is the quick rising streetwear/high end brand, Fear of God. Some of the pieces are relatively creative including the popular military sneaker but for being considered one of the most sought after brands in streetwear right now, it falls short in being forward thinking. A majority of the clothes are just overpriced bomber jackets, denim and flannels that in my opinion, aren’t worth the money at all. The designs just aren’t worth the price being asked. If it wasn’t the design, then what helped FOG rise to such a high stature? Exposure through celebrities is the answer. With Kanye West wearing some of the brands jeans in the first couple years of existence and Justin Bieber having most of his tour merch designed by Jerry Lorenzo, the brand is pretty much set for a while. All Jerry Lorenzo has to do now with his brand is put Fear of God, anywhere, on anything, and it well sell out and then resell for an insane amount. I will give Jerry Lorenzo credit for what he has done with the brand. He has taken original and basic pieces and made them a bit more upscale. Even with the changes, I feel that it still shouldn’t be as big of a trend as it is today.tumblr_nnps4ymCnE1qfvouao1_1280.jpg

The next brand is Anti-Social Social Club. This brand absolutely exploded in the last year. With all products being sold out within a matter of minutes during every single drop, it had gained incredible hype. I had grown very interested in the brand in the last 8 months and was able to get two shirts during one of the last big drops in July. I enjoyed the shirts because of the irony in the name and I love black and pink shirts so easy purchase for me. I was excited to wear the pieces but was suddenly very disappointed to find out how poor of quality the shirts were. Screen printed Gildan is what I received when the packages finally arrived almost a month after I ordered my items. The shirts have already begun to fade and the screen printing on the front is beginning to crack. Again I realized all the hype was based on a celebrity wearing the brand. Kanye was spotted wearing this a hat and sweatshirt from the brand multiple times and his wife Kim Kardashian also wears the brand. Also it follows the dark, depressed trend that a lot of people are going for (still don’t understand that trend yet, why people want to fake being depressed is beyond me. Making fashion out of mental health isn’t cool). The brand falls short for me in the category of design because it relies on only two or three logo designs that it has continued to screen print onto poor quality t-shirts and hoodies for the last three drops.6f3eddd6a78a9e2c488a39c0e30512d9.png

These two brands are very popular today because of hype and the person who is either wearing these brands or who is designing the brand. There are loads of brands and designers who are actual forward thinkers (Adidas, Ronnie Fieg etc.) but this brand and designer fall flat. The hype outweighs the quality in my opinion. These brands are now on my no cop list, until changes are made.



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