Post Malone Album Review: Stoney

by Joe Mitchell


Post Malone, a 21 year old rapper from Grapevine, Texas whose birth name is Austin Richard Post, released his first debut studio album Stoney early last month.The album features artists such as Justin Bieber, Kehlani, Quavo and 2 Chainz. Malone first gained national recognition in the rap game in 2015 with his hit single “White Iverson” and shortly after signed a record deal with Republic Records. Between his first hit single White Iverson and his debut album he also released a mixtape called “August 26th” which also gained popularity quickly. Austin’s recent album, “Stoney”, is in my opinion one of the best debut album’s I have ever heard. There are very few albums that I listen to once and am attached to automatically. This is one of those few. It’s exactly what Post Malone needed to be respected from other top-notch rappers and gain popularity from a large Hip-Hop audience. Not only though is this album a solid album through and through but also each song is unique and it’s not strictly Hip Hop material. Malone mixes in some soft rock, RnB style beats and hooks that make the album really attractive to a lot of different people. Every one of the songs on this album I genuinely love listening to and not skipping over when they come on shuffle. There are songs such as “Feeling Whitney” on the album that feature an acoustic guitar sound and don’t appear to be related to Hip Hop at all but are great songs. There are also songs on the album such as “Congratulations” which feature Quavo that do have a solid Hip Hop foundation behind them. “Déjà vu” is a song on the album that features Justin Bieber that gives a mainstream pop RnB feel that sounds great and sill fits perfectly with the rest of the album. The variety on this album is what I believe makes this album special and gives it the edge to consider this a great album instead of just a good album. I would 100% recommended this album to anyone and encourage not only fans of Hip Hop to listen to this album but also fans of all different kinds of genres.



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