Introducing: The Rotation

Music is one of our favorite topics to discuss here, so we’re rolling out an Apple Music playlist series called the Rotation, where we compile new and relevant songs to listen to occasionally spliced in with underground favorites and artists who just need more shine in general. The first playlist is a warmup jumper. Nothing totally uncomfortable or out of the ordinary. It’s encouraged to put this playlist on shuffle. Also included in this post are our March Madness Soundcloud playlists, which will eventually turn into the Soundcloud Rotation playlist series once April rolls around. Listen, share and enjoy. If you have any artists you want to make a case for to be in the next installment of the Rotation, let us know. Or better yet, write about them. The Rotation: 1 features songs from Frank Ocean, Kendrick, Wizkid, and Playboi Carti among others. You can find the Apple Music playlist here and March Madness 1-3 are available below. Follow our Soundcloud for continuous updates here.


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