Album Review: Awaken, My Love!

by Josh Cook


I’m in love when we are smoking that la-la-la-la-la.

I’m in love with this album.

As a person who loves Donald Glover and would defend him to my grave, I’ll admit that I’m biased when it comes to his work because of the respect I have for him as an artist. So if you’re looking for an unbiased album review…you’ll never find it.

The album is relatively short, so I’ll keep this sweet.

Even though it’s only 11 songs and 49 minutes, this album is exactly what I wanted to see from Donald. And I don’t mean that I wanted him to not rap. He made what he wanted to make, and it’s art. I mean I love 3005 just as much as the next person…but this album is wildly groovy.

With my own opinion set aside, I’ve heard two things said about this album: 1) “No I haven’t listened to it yet, but I heard it’s fire.” And 2) “Wow the new Gambino is lit! Have you heard it yet?”

Of course I have, and I agree. The album starts with a banger, sprinkles in the feels and smooth jams, and ends with a ballad. That is a recipe for success, and Donald cooked up a special meal for our ears.

Despite not being a typical Gambino album chalked full of banging beats and top-notch clever bars, this album finishes in my top three from him with Royalty and Because the Internet. Personally, I love the sound and the funk vibes, and advise that you give it a listen.

My three favorites from the album are Redbone, Me and Your Mama, and Baby Boy – in no specific order. If you don’t like any of those three, listen to the others—Zombies is also awesome. If you listened through it once and didn’t like it, listen to it again. My experience with all ‘Bino music is that it grows and grows on you.


If you’re still struggling with your own ego and displeasure that Donald made something besides rap, here’s an article I recommend you read before listening again. à


So smile when you can.

Keep on your dreams, keep standing tall.

If you are strong you cannot fall.